Czech entropy

 Synchronous entropy generators

One, even irreversible transformation of the entered text (in fact, a long password), does not guarantee that some dependence will not be found in the sequence of “random numbers”. The first prototype of the application only demonstrates the technical feasibility.

Using several consecutive non-reversible transformations will greatly reduce the likelihood of calculating the dependence of “random” numbers (increasing the cracking time to a commercially acceptable level). Such a set of numbers can already be effectively used for the second encryption of already encoded text.

The next level of reliability can be achieved by using a software module that generates a variety of non-reversible conversion algorithms while the application is running. Then the only effective way to hack would be to obtain an instance of the application to understand the conversion algorithm used in each specific case.

Those. These are already variants of the application created by the operating party based on the Java project.

Attention. The application DOES NOT ENCRYPTED data. The application only generates a set of pseudo-random numbers.

Czech entropy



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