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Android SQLite

  Open Source JAVA An example of a simple Android application for working with the SQLite database. The application can create, add, browse and edit entries and export and import the database. You can easily add support for national alphabets if you use a ready-made class We also use a ready-made  RSACode class for RSA encryption   For example, we will encrypt only one field in each record - the field NOTES  Tested API  29   Open Source JAVA  

Android Open Source

  JAVA Code Application for working with SQLite database. Added a class for exporting/importing a database to the Download folder. And a class with methods for creating and updating a dAndroid SQLite atabase has been added. The exported database was transferred to a Windows computer in SQlite3, read and exported to Excel JAVA Code

Android Open Source

  Java RSA A repository has been created that contains JAVA source codes for working with asymmetric RSA encryption. A special Java class has been created. It is shown how to generate encryption keys, encode and decode text, save and restore keys (for exchange, reuse). Tested on API 29  Then we use this JAVA code in the SQLite database for encryption. GitHUB Repository    Android JAVA