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CryptoNOTE Open Source

  Open Source Java Project Here we decode the read text file. So far, this is primitive decoding - subtracting 1 from the code of each character. But the version with AES encryption has already been written and will be available soon.     //==========================================================     //   Decoding text read from oflameron.txt     //==========================================================     public void DECode() {         char c; //One character from the read text         String Txt = ""; //Decoded text. Local variable         // The number of characters read from the oflameron.txt file - in the variable length         // The text is read into the str2 variable. Decoding text from str2 variable         // Decoding is simple - we reduce the code of each character by 1         for (int symbol = 0; symbol < lenght; symbol++) {             c = str2.charAt(symbol); //Select one character at a time             int code = (int) c; //We get an integer - the

Open Source App

 Open Source Java Code Write data to file oflameron.txt     //==========================================================     // WRITE data to the oflameron.txt file     //==========================================================     @RequiresApi(api = Build.VERSION_CODES.R)     public void Save(View view) {         EditText EText = findViewById(;//Let's find EditText         str = EText.getText().toString(); //Read into str data to encode from EText         Code();//Here we encode the text that we wrote into the variable str         //Log.d(LOG_TAG, "== == View encoded text == ==" + str);         try {             // The data is encoded. We tear off the stream for writing data to the file oflameron.txt             BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(                     openFileOutput(FILENAME, MODE_PRIVATE)));             // We write data to the file oflameron.txt in the isolated memory area of this application             // A f

CryptoNOTE Open Source

 Android Open Source We read a file with text and do the simplest decoding .     //==========================================================     //   READ oflameron.txt file     //==========================================================     public void Load(View view) {         if (enterpwd == dinpwd + 10) { //Here's the processing of the dynamic password algorithm. Entered a number 10 more?             try {//Read data file oflameron.txt                 // Opening a stream for reading                 BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(                         openFileInput(FILENAME)));                 // читаем содержимое                 while ((str = br.readLine()) != null) {                     lenght = str.length(); //Number of data read from the oflameron.txt file. Needed for decoding                     str2 = str; //Save read data                     // (c) by Valery Shmelev                 }             } catch (FileNotFound

CryptoNOTE with encoding

  Android Open Source Next week, the following version of the full project CryptoNOTE will be published. Added symmetrich encryption according to the algorithm AES 128.  You can switch to 256 bit encryption if the operating system supports it.   Full Java Project. It is compiled in the working application. All comments are available. Additional comments will be published here. Android Open Source   Entropy

Crypto NOTE with password

  Open Source Java project The application is supplemented with a password entry. The password is dynamic - each time different. The random number generator will give you a number. You enter a number 10 more. This is the correct password. You can make your version of the algorithm. For example, Add one more digit to the displayed number, the same as the first digit of the number. Project description - in the file CryptoNOTE.docx CryptoNote_password_OK.ZIP на GOOGLE DRIVE Open Source Java project

Android Open Source

Open Source Java Encrypted notepad is very simple. This is a great program for beginner programmers. How to write data to a file and how to read it. Such a need is very common. Encryption is the most primitive - we increase the code of each character by one. Just add your block here or wait. In one of the following examples, we will add interesting features. At first it will be a dynamic password login. Download project in ZIP   Open Source Java

Android Open Source

Open Source Java Project Complete Java notebook project with encryption. A very simple project for entering text, simple encryption and writing to a secure area of the application. CryptoNOTE Project - a ready-made blank, a template for your project. You can add serious encryption, export and import of data, password entry. The dynamic password feature will be added soon.   Download project in ZIP GNU General Public License Open Source Java Project

Android Open Source

Open Source It's not on GitHub. The application records sound from the smartphone's microphone and uploads files to the FTP server. And you can hide the application. This can then be used as evidence in court. Moreover, it is impossible to listen to files on the phone itself if the hidden mode is selected. The Java source code is available to you. The application is not difficult. You can add whatever you need to the program.   Open Source

Android Open Source

  Java Open Source Project EasySoftware - omplete projects in Java. All applications have reached a full working state. You can add your own features to the programs, sell and make a profit - GNU GPL license. You can add your own copyright. You can release your version of the program to the app store in 1-2 weeks and earn money. Download from Google Drive full Android Java Project - AudioREG with FTP client  About 40 Mbytes in ZIP Java Project for Android Studio Build summer 2022 Java Open Source Project