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Tech Position

  UAV Development The development of a simple and reliable operating system that can be installed on outdated Android smartphones will open up unlimited opportunities for the mass creation of cheap UAV control systems. Smartphones can be purchased at recycling prices. Their purchase, sale and transportation are not limited in any way. The smartphone contains all the necessary elements for autopilot. More accurate sensors (for example, a barometer) can be connected via a USB connector. The computing power of the processor does not degrade over time and does not depend on the availability of chip production in the country. Old smartphones may also be widely used in mining systems. UAV Development

Photo Web Cam

  Combat Java Sys A different system for storing, viewing and managing images is being prepared instead of an FTP hosting (server). It is possible that the FTP client will be saved in the application. Direct control of the camera will be provided - Press a button and take a picture. Android APP

Global Photo Web Cam

  Direct Cell Interesting topic for Combat Photo Web Cam use on moving platforms. Particularly interesting after successful data transfer using Direct to Cell technology to/from Starlink Android Project

Global Web Cam

  Photo Web Cam Android APP

Global Web Cam

  Global Photo Web Cam Some errors have been fixed and the manual has been updated. Android APP

UAV Coordinates

  Network Navigation Navigation using basic cellular communications (Network mode) sometimes works faster and more reliably than navigation using GPS/GLONASS. And if they try to jam the GPS signal (distort, replace) to counter the UAV, then the cellular signal can only be turned off. However, it can also be used to determine the very fact of a UAV flight. If the SIM card moves at the speed of a UAV off roads (through fields and forests), then it is unlikely to be a car. The accuracy of coordinate calculations will be very high. GPS and GSM tracker

Photo Web Cam

  PhotoWebCam.APK Android application - photo web camera for remote control. Some bugs have been fixed. Web site Installation/Download APK Photo Web Cam

Combat Photo Web Cam

  Web Cam with FTP Android application - photo web camera for remote control. Make a surveillance system from an old smartphone and learn a lot of interesting things. Source JAVA Project - Android Photo Web Cam APK   - Android APP