Czech Entropy

 Android APP

Beta version of the application. It is necessary to enter the text in English without punctuation marks longer than 100 characters and press the "GENERATE" button. After a while, a set of "random" numbers will be shown as INTEGERS and HEX. They can be copied to the clipboard for use, for example, in XOR encryption. The length of the set of numbers is 60 bytes.

The given text is converted into a set of numbers using formulaless technology and is not reversed. So far, the minimally working algorithm has been used.

If the sender and receiver select and enter the same text (for example, the same news item published on CNN at 12 o'clock), they will receive the same set of "random" numbers.

Attention. The application DOES NOT encrypt data. The application only generates a synchronous set of numbers.

Czech entropy

It can be seen that while the quality of the set of numbers is not high.
Algorithms for choosing "random" numbers can be significantly improved. There are many interesting ideas for this.

Czech entropy



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