Czech Entropy

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Version 0.0 of the application CzechEntropy is available at 

Download CzechEntropy.APK   

 When installing an application, you must have permission to work with memory (the application creates temporary files). The application generates an array of 60 "random" numbers based on the entered text (in the top field of the application). The text should be longer than 100-120 characters. If you use several identical smartphones with the same version of Android (build), then the same 60 “random” numbers will be generated for the same entered text. This version of the application uses one type of formless, irreversible transformation.

Czech Entropy

In the future, the quality of the generated synchronous sets of “random” numbers will be improved by adding transformations using other technologies, and a processing option that does not depend on the hardware and software version will be added.

Czech Entropy




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