SQLite and RSA

 Android JAVA

How many tasks should a programmer who develops an Android application, for example, for a courier, solve?

1. Database

2. Client-Server module

3. Database synchronization

4. Export/Import database

5 Load Images

6. Using the clipboard

7. Send/receive SMS  

8. Load Google Maps and determination of coordinates (use GPS) 

We will write a ready-made application (template), on the basis of which you can create a commercial application in a few hours.

I can write such a project myself, but it will take more time and there will be less creative ideas - more simple programming. It is interesting to invite European programmers to work on an open source project. Maybe students.

The project is easily divided into classes. Accordingly, you can distribute the development of individual classes. At some stage, the project can be positioned as a commercial one. 



Android JAVA




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