CryptoNOTE Application

 Open Source Java Project

While the application is being debugged, let's do the simplest encryption - add 1 to the code of each character.

    //   Text oflameron.txt CODING
    public void Code() {
        char ec = 0; //One character from the read text
        String KTxt = ""; //Encoded text
        elenght = str.length(); //Amount of data from EditText to encode

        // The number of characters in the oflameron.txt file - in the elenght variable
        // Encoding text from str variable
        // Encoding is simple - increase the character code by 1
        for (int symbol = 0; symbol < elenght; symbol++) {
            ec = str.charAt(symbol); //Select one character at a time
            int code = (int) ec; //Get the character code in the variable "c"
            code = code +1; //The simplest coding. Add 1 to the code of each character
            ec = (char)code; //Convert code to symbol
            KTxt = KTxt + String.valueOf(ec);//Create encoded text from individual characters
        str = KTxt;//Write encoded text to str variable to write to file



 Open Source Java Project

 CryptoNote_password_OK.ZIP на GOOGLE DRIVE



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