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Here we decode the read text file. So far, this is primitive decoding - subtracting 1 from the code of each character. But the version with AES encryption has already been written and will be available soon.

    //   Decoding text read from oflameron.txt
    public void DECode() {
        char c; //One character from the read text
        String Txt = ""; //Decoded text. Local variable

        // The number of characters read from the oflameron.txt file - in the variable length
        // The text is read into the str2 variable. Decoding text from str2 variable
        // Decoding is simple - we reduce the code of each character by 1
        for (int symbol = 0; symbol < lenght; symbol++) {
            c = str2.charAt(symbol); //Select one character at a time
            int code = (int) c; //We get an integer - the character code (in the variable "c")
            code = code -1; //The simplest decoding. Subtract 1 from the code of each character
            c = (char)code; //Convert code back to character
            Txt = Txt + String.valueOf(c);//Convert character to string data and sum to text
        str2 = Txt;//We write the decoded text into a public variable for display on the screen (in EditText)
        //In this Android application example, the simplest text encryption is used before writing to a protected memory area.
        //You can add strings for more advanced encryption.
        //In the next version of the project of this application, a dynamic password login and data export to an SD memory card will be added
        //See or

CryptoNote_password_OK.ZIP на GOOGLE DRIVE


Open Source Java Project




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