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Smartphones running Android 10 will eventually become obsolete and very, very cheap. then they can be used to make simple systems for monitoring your apartment, house, parking lot. Such a surveillance system would only cost a few Euros or Dollars per year.

Here you can download the FULL Java project for Android Studio. And use it to create better versions of the registrar. The GNU GPL license allows this. You can sell your versions of the program and make a profit.

The design of the recorder could be greatly improved. Do it!

I just made the first version of the program. But it fully works. You can compile it and run it. I used a smartphone Samsung Galaxy M21

If you have any questions - write them in the comments of the blog.

The next finished project in Java will be published soon - Open Source Android Java Project - AudioREG    The project is already running. Now I am correcting the design and comments to the listing. 

Full Open Source Project Photo REGISTRAR -


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