Photo Registrar

 Photo Registrar

 Custom software is often more interesting than a branded product. Programmers create Android applications with an interesting set of features that developers may find uninteresting. 

Firms contain a whole team of managers and programmers and make the application paid.  

And it's quite incredible that you could ask to add a new feature that you need. 

Android application Oflameron Rescue PHOTO cannot affect your security. The application is installed ONLY on the photo recorder phone. And sends photos to an intermediate web server. Who is looking at the photos and from where is unknown. When installing the Oflameron Rescue PHOTO application, you will need permissions for the Internet, to access the camera, and to save photos to memory. No other permissions (for mail, SMS, calls, geolocation - NOT REQUIRED).  

The application DOES NOT provide automatic updates. 

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Photo Registrar




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