Android Web Cam

 Android Web Cam

 The Web Camera will record photos to the web server. The server can be paid or free. Regular hosting for web sites with uploading data via FTP. 

  Yes, the FTP protocol is not protected by anything. But you will not tell anyone the address of your web server, login and password. The SFTP protocol is more reliable. But it is supported by a lot less hosting.

 Please note that FTP client connects to the web server usually NOT IN THAT FOLDER, which contains the index.htm file that the web browser "sees".

 If you just start uploading photos, you won't be able to view them with a regular browser. These will be different folders.

How to solve this? 

 Very simple  

Create a small PHP file (just copy the text into notepad.exe)

//Write the full path on the server to the folder containing the path.php file
//(c) by Oflameron
echo realpath('.');

 Save it like  path.php

Upload it to your web host (like

Now, in any browser, type the full address of this file (for example)

 You will see something like this text


 What does this mean?

That the full path to your PHP file is like this:  


 However, if you connect to your website with any FTP client, you will see that you are in a different (previous) folder 


 The web browser cannot get into this folder and cannot show files from this folder 

 Therefore, on the application settings page Rescue PHOTO , you need to specify the name of the folder into which the application will upload photos, so that the browser will find them later


Android Web Cam

Android Web Cam




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