Android Web Cam

 Android Web Cam

 As always, the main question is:

 There are already webcams for Android. Why do more?

 Let's remember that when Web Cameras appeared 30 years ago, they showed a photograph of the area every 30-60 minutes. And for this you did not need to install anything on your computer - you could just use a browser.

You could find a web link to a webcam, write it into a browser and watch the weather in Houston.  

And what can now be found by request "Android Web Cam"

For example, application "DroidCam"

  We read: "installed on a smartphone or tablet (you need to download and install the client of the same name for Windows). Transmits sound and picture, supports connection via wire or Wi-Fi. Provides IP access to the camera."

And there are many questions at once. You are offered to put the application on your smartphone, which you usually use (and where is your banking ???) If you are going on vacation and want to watch your home, apartment or office through a webcam - why do you need a video ??? And how to leave the smartphone you are using ??? 

 This is not a classic webcam at all. Substitution of a product category starts immediately !!! And then how to read that the product is safe and install the client part on the PC ???

This is just one example. I don't want to waste time. 

I wrote an Android application with a "classic" webcam that uses old or damaged smartphones that you are about to throw away with no data left on. And nothing more.


Android Web Cam



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